Knowing how to dress for any occasion is a skill that comes with experience and age, but who has time for that nowadays? Luckily, our stylists have devised a set of 5 fashion options for 5 common situations to keep you fashionable this summer, without pushing the envelope too hard or falling into the drudges of dressing like a complete lame.

First Dates

In the cut-throat world of mobile dating apps, looks and what you wear, will either score you a date with a dime or have you biting dust. Let's face it, nobody has time to read a novel's worth of profile information while swapping from one photo to the next. Unfortunately, just having confidence or saying that you spent 10 years in the Congo feeding starving orphans isn't going to charm your date if you have a wack fade and your colors don't match. Remember, the devil's in the details...

Solution: Dark jeans and a simple sports jacket like the one shown below will do wonders for your fashion game if cupid comes knocking on your door. The rest is up to you.


(Pick Up) Basketball

Although your standard tank top and b-ball shorts you still wear from your sophomore year of high school may seem like a safe bet while balling with the squad, you never know when you may need turn on the A game for that unsuspecting honey spectating just out of view. Having gear that's fresh, yet still acknowledges the greatest to ever to play the game in the 90's might just be what it takes to win the pick up game as well as pick up her number. 

Solution: Jordan throwback t-shirt with matching jagged red shorts and shoes.  


Meet the Parents

Meeting your significant others parents for the first time can be one of the most stress-full encounters of your life. Don't make it worse by dressing like a loser. When the heat is on and all eyes are you in more ways than one, keep it conservative. Oh, and don't forget to have job.

Solution: A well styled button down shirt with khakis or dark denim can go miles when being grilled by the fam.


Fridays At Work

Unless you're a Doctor, Lawyer, or work somewhere else that's super conservative, casual dress Fridays are usually the norm in the office. Depending on what industry you work in, how hot it is in your city, and ultimately, how cool your boss is, you may be able to pull off the tank top and shorts look with no problem. If you feel comfortable doing this with no issues and your company culture permits it, go for it.

Solution: For the less daring, a shirt with a simple logo design and jeans will be just enough to let the office know you're not just another robot.


Bachelor Party

Turning up for your best friend's final farewell before he signs his life away to the misses should be a unique bonding experience that you never forget. Whether playing it cool or going in "Hangover" style with no worries about tomorrow, dressing the part, can be a crucial aspect of how events enfold during the night. Not everyone wants to play ultra conservative and if you're not going to wear a monkey suit the whole night, your wardrobe should reflect your friend leaving bacherlorhood with a bang!

Solution: Camouflage shirt and bag, or an eccentric shirt and dark denim can be a signal that you're ready to get the party started.


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