Dressing well is much more than just looking good; it has a vast impact on others’ impression of you and how you even view yourself. People notice a significant difference in how others treat them when they are style conscious. If you’ve noticed a similar effect when you take the time to dress well, then you know how beneficial it can be for your social interactions.

You will likely find the following happens much more often when you dress well:

·       Others listen to what you are saying more closely

·       You get more attention when you’re out and about

·       Random people ask you for style advice

·       Your job interviews or interactions with employers tend to go well

·       People have an inherent sense of trust in you

·       People smile at you more

·       Friends start copying your style

·       Social interactions are more warm and engaging

These are all clearly positive effects that come from the simple act of taking the time to dress well. It doesn’t take much extra effort, but the fact that it can literally change other people’s perception of you to be significantly more positive means that it’s well worth it to be style conscious.

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