ThreadBeast is an exclusive and diverse men’s street wear subscription service that gives members up to $150 worth of clothes for $85 per package (or $75 with our quarterly offer - 2 packages worth). Our technology personally caters to each user’s style preferences, sizes, and overall personality. Unlike most of today’s men’s clothing subscription services, ThreadBeast delivers not only quality at a price that is ridiculously low, but true diversity and range in the products we offer. Our packages are created with partnerships that include today’s most influential and trendsetting brands to ensure you are always with the latest and most fashionable street wear.


Do I decide what I receive?

While we can't always guarantee that we will be able to accommodate each request, we do take what you would like to receive and not like to receive into consideration. Each cycle your style assistant will go through our partnered apparel network based on the criteria of what you entered into your style profile, coupled with your geo-location and feedback/returns data, our style assistants are able to give you clothes you want at a price that wont break the bank.


Can I opt out of a specific brand or type of clothing?

Absolutely! Unlike most other subscription services, we let you opt out of any brand or type of clothing that you feel doesn't meet your style. Just email us with your name, account email, and what brands / types of clothing you would like to not receive any more of and we'll make sure it's taken care of.


Can I return or exchange an item?

Yes Sir! We allow you to exchange an item if there is a sizing issue. Please keep in mind that exchanges update your style profile, and are not for a refund but for a replacement for a similarly priced item to be added on top of your next package's contents. An exchange is for size issues only, and will include the updated item within your next package when available. Please email us to start your exchange process. We will give you proper instructions in the email on how to best service your needs. Also, please do not ship packages back without having contacted us first, as we are unable to refund your shipping charges back to you.


Can I get a refund?

In order to keep our prices low, we currently are unable to process refunds. You can however cancel at anytime without penalty or fee (within 7 days of receiving your package in order to affect your next package). We aren't the cable company after all.


How do I know I am getting a good value?

Our commitment to our partnered networks allows us to access inventory at a below wholesale rate in order to pass those savings along to you. The clothes you receive are guaranteed to be a better value than any other form of shopping on the market.


I can cancel at any time with no strings attached?

In order to provide the best overall customer service possible, we take as much care of customers who choose to pause or cancel their subscriptions as those members who choose to continue. If for any reason you want to cancel your subscription, simply email us to get the process started. You have 7 days to pause or cancel from the day you receive your package (to ensure time to process) to cancel or suspend your membership. Please be sure to get the confirmation of any account changes from our member assistance team. Should you ever wish to restart your subscription, we'll be here waiting for you ready to assist.


I see my tracking says my package is delivered, but I can't find it!

Unfortunately sometimes theft can occur, however ThreadBeast is not liable nor will provide refunds or re-shipments for packages marked delivered by the USPS. Your best course of action is to contact the USPS directly with your tracking number and open a claim with them. If it is an ongoing issue, it may be best to have packages held at the local post office for pickup.


I have more questions, where can I find answers?

You can always contact us online here and we will do our best to answer you within 1-2 business days depending on volume.


How does billing work?

No monthly here!

We don’t want to overwhelm you or your closet. We’ll send you a package every ~6 weeks to get you looking fresh and clean. It’s simple, we have two options:


Quarterly Membership (Our most popular option, you save the most here.)

You can become a quarterly member which means your price per package is $75 (you get $150 in value with each package). The quarterly charge covers your first two packages, which means you will be charged $150 every ~90 days.

Your first package will arrive within 1-2 weeks and from there forward you will receive carefully selected packages every ~6 weeks. You will get 8 packages per year, two every season to keep you looking fresh and clean.


Per Package Membership

You can become a per package member, your price per package would be $85 (you get $150 in value with each package). Your first $85 charge covers your first package and will arrive within 1-2 weeks.

You will be billed every 6 weeks and will get 8 packages per year, two every season to keep you looking fresh and clean.