How Does Gifting Starter Packages Work?

From time to time, members may receive an email or notification on your portal with the opportunity to gift a Starter Package! If you receive an invite, you can login to your ThreadBeast dashboard to send your gift!  

Once you gift the package to your friend*, they will have one week to redeem their free package and begin their trial subscription! All they have to pay is $9.99 to cover shipping for their first package.

Your friend will then have up to 7 days from the time they receive their first Starter Package Gift to cancel their membership by calling (877) 835-6997 or emailing Unless they choose to cancel, they will be billed 30 days after the date of signing up for their Starter Package for a Basic Plan membership (valued at $100+) for the Basic Plan subscription price of $55 plus applicable taxes.

They'll also have the option to upgrade the subscription early and choose between the Essential, Premium or Baller subscription plans at a reduced price!

**New member accounts will only begin with the Starter Package Invite when the proper link or code is applied.


  • The number of Starter Package invites you have available to send will be displayed in your account homepage. You can only send as many Starter Packages as you are allocated.

  • This program is intended for new members only. Duplicate email addresses will not be accepted and you may not send invites to people who previously had a ThreadBeast membership.

  • You cannot invite someone who has the same IP address as you.

  • Invites cannot be extended to people in the same household. The shipping information for the person invited must be different from the member extending the invite.

    • If you would like to share ThreadBeast with someone living in the same household, you can have them sign up for their own membership and use your referral code (but such person would not be eligible for the Starter Package Invite).

  • Upon signing up, your friend will receive their Starter Package as well as a trial membership of ThreadBeast. Your friend will then have up to 7 days from the time they receive their Starter Package to cancel their membership by calling (877) 835-6997 or emailing Otherwise, your friend will automatically be signed up for a Basic Plan subscription and charged $55 for their next package, plus taxes, if applicable.

  • Any attempt or violation of the above rules will result in being prohibited from participating in gifting Starter Packages.