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Loyalty Terms



ThreadBeast reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify or replace the Terms of Service (including any Policy), in whole or in part, at any time. ThreadBeast will use reasonable efforts to notify Members of any material change at least 30 days in advance of the effective date of any change. Change notices may be communicated by postings in the Program or, in the case of Members, electronic mail. In any case, Members should periodically check the Terms of Service for changes. Continued use of the Service following such notice of any change to the Terms of Service constitutes Member’s acceptance of those changes. The Terms of Service may not otherwise be amended, except by a written agreement executed by ThreadBeast.

ThreadBeast may terminate the Service, in whole or in part, at any time.

Rewards Program

The Service may include one or more programs (the Rewards Program) where Members can accumulate and redeem loyalty rewards points (Points), on an individual basis and solely for their own account. The Rewards Program may be structured to offer certain benefits based on the Member’s current balance of “redeemable” Points (that is, Points that have not previously been redeemed) or “lifetime” Points (that is, all prior Points accumulated by Member, whether previously redeemed or not).

From time to time, ThreadBeast may establish (at its sole discretion) loyalty criteria pursuant to which Member’s may “earn” Points (such as, for example: by sharing Member Content at the Program; by engaging in certain specified activities related to social networks). Points may expire (and become non-redeemable) after a specified period of time as determined by ThreadBeast in their sole discretion.

From time to time, ThreadBeast may offer benefits or privileges to Members in exchange for redemption of a specified number of Member’s Points. The nature of those benefits or privileges, and the number of Points required to obtain such benefits or privileges, shall be established by the Client and/or ThreadBeast and are subject to change.

Member acknowledges and agrees that:

  • Points have no “real world” or cash value.
  • Points have no purpose or use except in exchange for benefits or privileges (if any) offered by ThreadBeast. 
  • Redemption offers may be time-limited or available only in limited quantities.
  • Points may only be used at the Program to which they apply and, therefore, cannot be redeemed at or transferred to Member’s account at any other Program.
  • Member’s Points cannot be redeemed by, or sold or otherwise transferred to, any other Member of this Program.
  • Upon cancellation of Member’s account for any reason, all Points are lost regardless of how they were acquired by Member.
  • ThreadBeast’s ability to accurately credit Points to Member’s account based on Member’s activities at social networking sites may be restricted by the terms, conditions or functions of such sites.
  • Points are not valid unless earned in strict compliance with the requirements as established and intended by ThreadBeast, and Member shall not attempt to earn Points by any means (including without limitation, by using any script, bot or other automated means) that only simulates compliance with the applicable requirements.
  • ThreadBeast’s good faith determination of the amount of Points available to any Member hereunder shall be final and binding.
  • Members must have an Active or Trialing account status to redeem rewards.
  • Members who are canceled, past due or unpaid will not have access to the Rewards Program and can not redeem rewards.
  • Members are not able to return or exchange items that were redeemed through the Rewards Program.

Resellers of Client merchandise or customers who make bulk purchases are not eligible to earn Points or to participate in the Rewards Program. ThreadBeast and Client reserve the right to review account activity for purchase patterns that fall outside the intended use of the program. ThreadBeast has sole discretion in the determination of whether an account holder or Member’s purchase patterns meet the qualification for bulk purchasing or purchasing for the purpose of reselling. Points acquired in that account will be forfeited and the account may be suspended or terminated.


You must be an active ThreadBeast member with a good standing account to qualify for the Rewards Program. If you do not have an Active or Trialing account status, you are prohibited from accessing, using and redeeming rewards.

ThreadBeast may refuse to offer or continue offering the Service to any person or entity and may change its eligibility criteria from time to time.


ThreadBeast may terminate any Member’s access to all or any part of the Rewards Program at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice, effective immediately. Upon any termination, all rights and obligations of the parties shall cease and Member shall immediately cease using the Rewards Program.

ThreadBeast reserves the right to remove any individual from the rewards program for any reason or no reason. ThreadBeast reserves the right to cancel the rewards program at any time. Member points may be revoked at any time. Suspicious activity, automation or other abuse of ThreadBeasts Reward Program by any Member will result in removal from the program and removal of any points or rewards.